Finally, I got finished with this. It took me months of constant removing and adding and cutting to get 30. So here it is. A list of 30 things I would want to do or have by the time I turn 30. I shall be crossing some when I am through and shall write on the more awesome ones. And I know there are some that I will probably never complete but it gives me something to look forward to.

P.S They are all awesome.

1. Create a Passive income.
2. Learn to play an Instrument. Piano, Guitar or Cello
3. Attend a festival or carnival in my country
4. Visit a State I’ve never been to.
5. Go back to School
6. Travel to a state I’ve never been to.
7. Open a bank account and start saving at least 10% of income
8. Get myself a new computer
9. Actually use a phone for more than a year
10. Actually be in a relationship for more than a year.
11. Actually go clubbing.
12. Do a 7-day cinema marathon/ 1 movie a day.
13. Do something special for myself on my. 25 birthday.
14. Learn photography.
15. Buy something small and ridiculously expensive for me
16. Read 250 books
17. Donate to Medical Charity
18. Have at least One day of the week for Me, no outside world
19. At least 250 blog posts.
20. Let go of a friendship
21. Make and meet a friend through blogging.
22. Write a book.
23. Learn to code.(Currently Learning)
24. Make someone’s day.
25. Give someone a totally undeserved gift.
26. Take a road trip
27. Start a Business/Company
28. Participate in NaNoWriMo
29. Learn to drive
30.. Buy a piece of real estate

So here goes nothing.


3 thoughts on “30 BEFORE 30 BUCKETLIST

  1. My own wishlist wrote this like 2years ago, but its a wishlist not what i want to do by 30

    Karaoke nite
    A weekend gateaway
    Road trip
    See an horror movie at the cinema
    Cart racing
    Boat ride
    A carnival celebration
    A football match fínals
    Game day
    Mountain climbing>>>rock climbing
    Spa day
    Musical Concert
    Watch a drama in a theatre


    • Nice.
      Please, 15 and 25. I need ideas, I totally suck at gifts.
      23, I’m stumped as to what to learn. I learnt HTML & CSS but it doesn’t count. any ideas also?
      As for 21, LOL, Making a friend is not really the issue, actually going out to meet the friend that is my problem


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