It is good to have an end to journey towards,
but it is the journey that matters most in the end”
Ernest Hemingway

“A goal is not always meant to be reached,
it often simply serves as something to aim at”
Bruce Lee

First post of the year, not counting the review because that was supposed to be published last year. I have no idea why I haven’t written anything this year, even though there have been a ton of things to write about; form the postponed upcoming general elections, to celebrity acting like kids (Amber Rose and the Kardashian Clan) to day one niggas turning on each other (Wizkid and Skales), to more important and relevant issues like Oil Prices, Irrational killings around the world, and my own life.

I guess I wanted to start off this year with some good news, and it seems like that news is being delayed getting here. So I’ll just paint a story so far;

  • I went for an interview and was offered a job as an IT administrator. The job encompassed Social Media Management, Web Content Manager, System Administrator and Graphic Design. But I turned it down because the pay wasn’t acceptable. I would have taken the job because it gave e the opportunity to grow and learn more as an aspiring web developer but the pay wasn’t good enough.
  • I realized that I may not read as much books this year as I would love to. Most of the books I will be reading will be Computer books. No fiction or personal development book all through.
  • I finally read “The Fault in our Stars”. I always wanted to read the book but I never could read it for long without getting bored or going into deep thought over some gems that were dropped and then time would fly. I watched the movie barely a month after it was released and I have to say, the movie has nothing on the book. The book screamed pain right from page one. It changed my outlook and perspective on terminal illnesses and the people who go through them.

All in all; the year hasn’t really taken off for me as I am kind of waiting for the news that I want to hear. Also, here are some things that I want to accomplish this year;

  • Efficiently plan how I spend my time so as not to waste it on short-term nonprofitable things
  • Become extremely good and proficient in HTML, CSS & JavaScript such that I can code a website from scratch with full frontend functionality without relying heavily on frameworks and pre-coded functions.
  • Also be far ahead I my journey to learn backend web development starting with maybe Ruby or PHP.
  • Have a minimum account balance of 1 million naira and hopefully have moved out on my own.
  • Read at least 20 non-computer books with whatever free time I have.
  • Meet more people even if I have to go out more often.

Expect a few posts soon.


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