9 days to the year’s end people.

Some people are dancing seeing as they were able to accomplish what they wanted while others are in a state of panic simply because they need an extra 6 months added to 2014 so they can cross off the items in their 2014 bucket list. Me? I’m chilling, no worries, and no hurry; even though I almost got nothing done this year (from a perfectionist’s perspective). But I am perfectly okay with where I stand (or sit right now) even though I could have been a lot further, I have, almost, no complaints as I believe I made the most of the limited options available to me.

I am going to be doing a series of post to review my 2014; the usual, top movies, books, songs, quotes, albums, artist and what I learned. Then I will try and round it up with a Final review examining my journey from the 1st of January, 2014 till the last day of 2014.

The first post will be coming up in a few hours while the rest will try to follow daily.


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