Day 6: A Character Building Experience – FORNEVER THE SAME

I met her two years ago while I was on holiday in Abuja. First time I saw her, I was blown away. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I have had my fair sight of beautiful girls and she was beautiful in her own away. What really blew me was her smile. She had the kind of smile that would make you forget you were ever having a bad day.

Her eyes were kind of large but beautiful large and they could make you squirm and actually give you butterflies. She had one of the funniest laugh I had ever heard. She wasn’t the fairest of them all neither was she the most beautiful of them all. Her power resided in her smile, I remember telling her that she had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of beautiful smiles. She smiled not with only her mouth but also with her entire face and it was hard to stay mad at her when she smiled like that.

She had a very charming personality. She was naively innocent, she believed in the good and bad, she saw things as they were although she tended to talk of everything, no matter how bleak they looked, in a beautiful light.

I remember standing in the rain and talking to her for hours because you just don’t know how to end a conversation with her. She was talkative that way. She was also philosophical, believing that she has the power to bring out the good in people, and she did. I found myself smiling more around her. She even inspired me to pick up writing again.

She was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She had an innocent spirit, and as these people tend to be, they usually have more friends than they can handle. I got lost on the wayside and while I very much like to be as close to her as I use to. I am thankful for the few times I got to spend with her. I owe much of the good person in me, the part of me that still wants to care about the world. I owe it to her.

So, Shalom Amarachi Onyeka-Oforji, wherever you are, if you ever read this, please know that you changed me in ways you can’t imagine


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