I saw this on Goodreads so I edited it to my liking.

It is a categorical grouping of my books. I am not going to list which books fall under which category because some books get more than one category.



Books I haven’t read.

Books I need not read

Books I have for purposes other than reading

Books I mean to read but there are others I must read first

Books that everybody’s read so it’s as if I have read them too

Books I’ve been planning to read for ages

Books I have been hunting for years without success

Books dealing with something I am working on at the moment

Books I own so they’ll be handy just in case

Books I need to go with other books on your shelves

Books that fill me with sudden, inexplicable curiosity, not easily justified

Books read long ago which it’s now time to re-read

Books I’ve always pretended to have read and now it’s time to sit down and really read them”


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