Feels good to not be writing on this country today (you can do a 10-season 23-episode 45-minutes on the issues in Nigeria and you wouldn’t even repeat the same issue in two episodes).

So while I’m trying to find some sort of normalcy, balance and rational consistency to my writing, I am using today to talk about five artists who have more or less taken over my music playlist. Whenever I reached a song by any of these people, I just put it on repeat and play and play.

Note: I should probably tell you that I grew up listening to Hip Hop but now I don’t listen as much as I use to, thanks to Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Kate Voegele who won me over to the pop, folk, rock genre of music and I have been stuck ever since.

These artists may have been releasing songs since before I ever discovered about their existence or acknowledged them. But ever since I have discovered them, I just can’t get enough of their songs.

So in no particular order, here they are;



Looking at his picture alone, you would understand why I was reluctant to even listen to his music. I mean, how can I listen to music made by a scrawny kid when there were other creamier dudes like Justin Timberlake?

Then I watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and heard “I See Fire” for the first time. It was the kind of folk or pop songs I loved but I didn’t because one song was enough to convert me (it took Kelly Clarkson one full album of pure wonderfully beautiful music “Break Away” and Kate Voegele Two albums “Don’t Look Away” & “A Fine Mess” to win me over)

It wasn’t until I heard “A Team” that I decided to try and look past all the scrawniness and well, I was impressed. Now I listen to at least one of his songs everyday.

Born: Edward Christopher Sheeran (1991)

DISCOGRAPHY: + (2011) X stylized Multiply (2014)

SONGS I LOVE:  I See Fire, A Team, Thinking Out Loud, Sing


  1. BIRDY

Jasmine van den BogaerdeLet me tell you why I love this girl:

The Vampire Diaries S5E22   Jeremy Gilbert on the phone talking to Bonnie Bennett, ‘Wait for me, I’m coming to you” then he starts running and screaming her name and this is the song that plays “Wings”. I was moved.

“I just want to be by your side, if these wings could fly”

I then, in my infinite quest to find beautiful soulful music, google her and discovered some of her songs and also one that was used as a soundtrack on The Vampire Diaries “Without A Word”. I loved this particular one more because I had just being in a messy relationship were even though we still had feelings for each other, we just couldn’t be together because it was toxically beautiful.

“Tell me that all we had were lies, show me that you don’t care and I’ll leave without a word”

Yup, I love her. And I ‘m still discovering her. I just downloaded her Cover of Ed Sheeran’s “A Team’ and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even decide which was better.

Born: Jasmine van den Bogaerde (1996)

DISCOGRAPHY: Birdy (2011) Fire Within (2013)

SONGS I LOVE: Wings, Without A Word, A Team (Cover), Not About Angels


A_Great_Big_World_2014“Say something I’m giving up on you”

I haven’t gone through their entire collection as of this writing but from what I’ve heard, they actually have a better song than that. “I Don’t Wanna love Somebody Else”. Why it wasn’t released as a single is beyond me.

Born: Ian Axel (1985) and Chad Vaccarino (NA)

DISCOGRAPHY: Is Anybody Out There? (2014)

SONGS I LOVE:  Say Something (duet with Christina Aguilera), I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else





“Money on my Mind” great but “Stay with Me” is phenomenally better.

I have nothing much to say about this guy because there is simply plenty and I don’t know what to say or not say. This guy is possible one of the best male acts currently in the UK along with Ed Sheeran.

Born: Samuel Frederick Smith (1992)

DISCOGRAPHY: In The Lonely Hour (2014)

SONGS I LOVE: Money on my Mind, Stay with Me, I’m not The Only One



             5.  Jason Walker

Jason WalkerSeriously, there is only one Jason who does beautiful music and it’s not Jason Derulo (too R&B for me) neither is it Jason Mraz (good but not good enough). It’s this dude, Jason Walker. Although he is mainly a gospel singer, this dude does good music. Before you argue, please go and download “Echo” (The Vampire Diaries’ Fanatics know what I am talking about) or “Everybody Lies” (which to me is a classic)

Born: Jason Walker (NA)

DISCOGRAPHY: Jason Walker (2009) Midnight Starlight (2011) Keep Me Watching (2013)

SONGS I LOVE:  Down, Echo, Cry, Everybody Lies, Shouldn’t Be A Good In Goodbye”




Also worthy of notable mention are Christina Perri, Sara Barreiles, Lucy Rose and Passenger.


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