Yesterday, National Conference 2014I got into the office at around the usual 9am-ish that I always

resumed work. I decided to engage my morning ritual of 2 hours radio before I started work for the day. I was listening to a radio show on Smooth FM and the topic of discussion was about the recent proposal made by the delegates at the Nigerian 2014 CONFAB that any Nigerian citizen that wants to contest for the office of the presidency should have a minimum qualification of a First Degree from a university

****Note that this rules out all those who went to polytechnics and Colleges of Education (no pun intended)

Personally, I think that is the dumbest proposal they could have made and if the President of the members of the Senate looked at it objectively, they would shoot it down. Well, I believe they will definitely shoot it down, not because they will be looking at it objectively but, because it is not in their best interests.

I will like to start my personal reasons why I feel that proposal is not wise.

  • The Nigerian educational system is a sham. How many things are being taught that is actually relevant in the outside world. Granted, it is so everywhere in the world. They don’t teach vital skills like financial management, human relations, time management, and so on. But the shamness (is that a real world?) of our own educational system is on an extraterrestrial level. I went through the notion of spending four years in school, writing exams and doing the normal course registration but when the time came to collect my degree, I did not. Simply because, in four years of studying computer science, I was not taught anything remotely relevant in the IT world today (does anybody still program in Pascal?). I was taught data structures, system analysis, algorithms and such but the way I was taught, you would think they were speaking Mayan. It wasn’t until I began learning for my self that I realized how easy they seemed. But it is in Nigeria that they will teach u C++ in one semester and expect you to write a program that grades results during the exam.

What I am trying to say is that the recent batches of graduates being churned out now don’t know anything that they were taught in school. Our educational system doesn’t bring out quality anymore.

  • I saw the recent summary of the West African Examinations Council results (this result is a requirement to get into the University) and majority of the population who wrote this exam failed. This are the people who are going to enter the University soon and four years later be the only people qualified for the Office of the Presidency.
  • How many people actually get into the schools on merit? Majority of the admitted students don’t meet the minimum requirements need to gain an admission and yet, they form the crux of the graduates being churned out.
  • Degree is something that can be bought in this country. People do that all the time. They don’t attend a single lecture or write the exam yet they come out graduates.

Everything I have said all comes down to one point; the Nigerian Educational System is not good enough that it has to be a requirement for anybody aspiring to the office of the presidency.

Just imagine if Abraham Lincoln (had only about a year of formal schooling of any kind) was Nigerian, do you mean to tell me that that makes them unqualified for the office since he didn’t.

I always believed that the National Conference was a waste of time, money. Over N7 billion was budgeted, yet when former President Olusegun Obasanjo proposed a National Reform Conference that would last for three months, he put in a request for N932 million.

Our current administration is a joke. All talk and no decision. It’s appalling.

Well, I do hope I get back to blogging about other things soon because talking about our Government is just tiring.


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