So I’ve been watching two TV series this past month (Suits, Season 4 & The Blacklist, Season 1) and two scenes struck out at me as something that I can presently relate to in my present relationship (yes, I am currently dating someone).

  • In Harvey Specter’s apartment with Jessica, when Jessica was wary of mixing personal life with business and Harvey told her it all comes down to a choice of which is more important to her.
  • And in The Blacklist; how Elizabeth Keen was almost always standing her husband (Tom Keen) up, I admit he turned out to be a fraud in the end but that’s beside the point, because of work.

In the two scenarios, the similarity lies in the fact that there was choice between work and personal life but the similarity ends there. Because Jessica Pearson consciously recognizes that choice while Elizabeth Keen didn’t.

Now back to why I said I could relate with those scenes presently. Although the settings are different in that none of us work for a law firm or are government agents, I’ve been stood up by cupcake, that’s what she will be called on this blog, more times that I’ve lost count of this past month. The reason’s have ranged from my niece was sick and I had to stay home to take care of her, to my cousin and her husband got into a fight and I couldn’t leave the house, to a friend of mine was in an accident and I had to go and see him, to I don’t have what to wear to I had to help my cousin prepare dinner so I couldn’t leave the house.

walking the dog

Normally, I’m not one to complain, but it gets to a stage were the reasons become too much no matter how serious they are. And whenever I tried to tell her about it, she would get defensive claiming she did nothing wrong. I’m not saying she is wrong for wanting to focus on those reasons, whatever they are, and leave me hanging because the reasons are valid depending on what perspective you view it from.

All I decided to tell her was this; there are always going to be reasons or excuses as to why you stand me up. You are just going to have to decide which excuses are more important than our relationship. Because you telling me you can’t make it and you give a reason, only goes to tell me that you don’t see me important enough to overlook that reason and not stand me up.

And that got us into an issue that we are currently having.

I’m of the school of thought that for anything you are currently doing right now, including reading this post, there is something else you could be doing instead. It all comes down to what is more important to you. For most people, they don’t even acknowledge this thought while some people do.

And even though I know this post is not worth a dime, I say thank you for taking the time to read.



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