Colour Me Baffled


I decided to put this out here. The list is very exhaustive but these ones aret at the top. I don”t claim to be an expert so  any opinion shown here is personal. More to come soon………..

I generally like to classify life in four ways;

–  Things I do and I understand why I do them.

–  Things I do even though I will never understand them.

–  Things I will never do even though I understand them.

–  Things I will never do and will never understand them.

In this post I will be talking about the second on the list, things I do and will never understand. Yes, I am guilty of doing things that I don’t understand, even you are too. I’m not saying those things are bad, it just that since I’ve always been a logical person, I’ve never found the logical reason behind my doing of such things.

So without much talk, here are the top 4 off the top of my head;


Now this is a personal for me and doesn’t reflect on the world at large.

What am I saying? Yes, it does. Or do you doubt me? Then answer this;

  • How many of you ask for advice or direction when you already know what you would do regardless of the person says?
  • How many of you people waste your time offering words of advice to someone knowing that they won’t even take to heart?

Seriously, why bother asking when your mind is set or why bother telling when you know it won’t be heeded?

A few advice do get through, but that’s just it. A few.

I think it’s pretty simple. It’s either you do this or you do that. And when you do this, such and such will happen. And when you do that, such and such and such will happen. And when you fully understand the results or consequences of your actions, why bother asking someone else.

Now for a little truth;



It’s brutal to lay it like that but it is the truth. Or even if they at the rarest moments need that advice, they’ll never tell you the main motivation for needing that advice because then you would see them for who they really are and that would leave them vulnerable.

I got into an argument with a girlfriend over this train of thought and she laid out good points, I was never really convinced.


Don’t attempt to confuse it with Christianity. Christianity, in my own words, is a way of life, a philosophy and the people who practice it are known as Christians. If I am to make a top list, Christianity will be ranked above technology as one of the best things to ever happen to humanity.

It’s the people who practice it over the years that make me angry because they have now 1­) made it into a matter of convenience (a practice it whenever I feel like or suits me thing) and 2) integrated logic into it.

I’m a very logical person but I do not for what so ever reason make the two go together.  There are a lot of laws of Christianity that’s not logical but it is not to be disputed or disregarded if you want to practice it.

One very good example is a verse in Deuteronomy that says MEN SHOULD NOT PUT ON THAT WHICH IS MEANT FOR WOMEN AND WOMEN SHOULD NOT PUT ON WHAT IS MEANT FOR MEN. Feel free to delve into this but I will not be joining you.

Another example is that very popular scripture that says LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Your neighbor is not just the dude or gal next door; it’s any and everybody alive. But history shows time and again that Christians are the most discriminating people around. That kind of love that was asked of Christians just doesn’t exist anymore.


Only two things are infinite,

The universe and stupid people,

I’m not so sure about the universe”


Please feel free to use to also use words such as idiots and fools and whatever word you can find. Personally, I prefer stupid. In the Oxford Dictionary, stupid is defined as unintelligent or foolish.

Anybody can be stupid as I stick to the 5-minute rule that says everybody exhibits a given level of stupidity for five minutes in a 24 hour period. But when that extends beyond five minutes, then that is just the real deal. Stupid people are the most amusing mental classification around, in that they exhibit tendencies of stupidity so often that it becomes who they are and they never realize just how stupid they are.

I would to talk further on this but I can’t do so without sounding stupid and I don’t want that.

  1. LOVE

You will always fall in love,

And it will always be like having your throat cut,

Just that fast”



Yup, just that fast. I’ve never really been in love until now and it’s something I which I want to know the logic.

How do you fall in love? Do you choose who you fall in love with? Is it a gradual process of instantaneous?

If I were to answer these questions, my answers would be;

I don’t know. No. it’s never the same for everybody.

I don’t claim to understand love I believe I will never understand it. I don’t even want to try to understand it because it’s different for everybody. It sucks, it hurts, it’s painful yet it’s the purest most wonderful feeling in the world and no matter how many times we hurt, we always want to fall in love again.

While people choose to hate, be stupid or do other things, I’ve never heard of someone who chose to fall in love with some particular person for some particular reason. Most times, you can’t convincingly explain why you love someone. We just do.

Personally, I would want the world to fall in love often, no matter how many times it hurts. Get yourself up and go fall in love again and again and again until you can no longer feel hurt.

“When you love so much that it hurts,

There’ll be no more hurt, only love”


“Love isn’t about finding someone worth living for,

It’s about finding someone worth dying for”


So let me know how you feel and if you really do understand.


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