This Life is just one big Program ………Or it used to be

RiSk It AlL

Risk It All

You are born.

You learn to sit, learn to crawl, then walk.

When you reach a certain age, you get put in school, you learn. From there, it’s high school, College/University and you graduate. (In my country, you do one year of National Service). Then you get a job and for the next 35 years, you wake up at 5am every weekday to get ready for work, you don’t come back till at least 8pm at which point you are too tired to do anything except fall asleep. For 35 years., Monday to Friday. On weekends, you spend Saturday getting ready for the next week and then Sunday is spent gathering Strength. 35 years.

You spend Four years in the University reading subjects you will never use in the real world. Only when you graduate do you realize you were taught nothing of value.

And then it’s another 35years slaving you butt off for someone else’s company.

And then when you retire and are old and weak sitting in that chair staring off into the sunset, you ask yourself; AT WHAT POINT DID I LIVE MY LIFE LIKE I REALLY WANTED TO?

Taking a break from this pre-programmed living and actually doing what you wanted may seem like a big risk. Until you realize that at its most basic level, that’s all life really is, A RISK. Even living in itself is a big risk.

Thank God for the few people out of billions who are taking that big risks and are living their lives and not someone else’s. They may not be richer but they are definitely happier. And I knw all 7billion of earth’s population can’t do the same thing. As cruel as it sounds, it’s the way the world is, balanced.

I just know that I’m definitely going to live my life in my own way.


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