#MASHUP VOL. 1: Episode 1

So we are in the fourth month of the year, 2nd quarter. And a lot of people are already learning or achieving or progressing or regressing or just downright being stuck (not moving forward or backward). I really can’t say I’ve been doing just one but I know I’ve not regressed nor am I stuck. But for sure I have learned already and the year is not even half gone. With much meaningless build-up, I’m just going to try to state some of those lessons (some were learned the hard way.

1. When Sh*t hits the fan, you are not as alone as you think.
I decided not to graduate from the University, for various reasons but mainly because, well, it was a farce. I wasn’t taught anything remotely useful in the outside world, except for data structures and system analysis but that’s like 2 courses out of over 50 courses for a duration of 4 years. I never told anybody the real reason why I didn’t collect my Degree. That was partially why I broke up with my ex, other reason being because she was just not mature enough (don’t want to explain). My mum after pressing me to tell her why decided to stop asking although she encouraged me to take another degree.
But I did tell my current girlfriend, expecting her to walk out and leave me, but she didn’t instead she is being supportive and is still with me.

2. It’s  the journey that really matters and not the destination.
Anybody who needs me to explain this should go and pray to God and ask for Understanding and perspective.

3. When all is said and done, nothing really matters.
In Solomon’s language, “Vanity upon Vanity, all is Vanity”. I have accepted this saying but I still can’t help going after those said Vanity. It’s fun.

4. Nobody is willing to give up what they want for you.
If you disagree, then have this, Everybody wants to live, It’s something we all want, so except you can give your life, which you want, for someone else, then just sit down and keep quiet. Except that kid in one country (can’t remember which) who burnt himself to death over the increased price of bread.

5. Your government doesn’t give a damn about you.
I don’t care what country you are, I will prove you wrong.

6.To err is human, to forgive is divine, BUT TO TAKE YOUR OWN POUND OF FLESH IS ACCEPTABLE.
Please don’t get philosophical here, I will forgive you but only after taking my own pound of flesh will you understand the how affected I was by what you did and then I dare you to do it again.

That is all, I hope I learn more of life in the 2nd quarter



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