Goodbye Fornever

I know some people who will want to argue the above picture and try to point out some permanence in life. But let us be objective, The only permanent Thing in life is change.

And due to the temporary nature of concepts in Life, People come into your life and then they leave. It’s never anybody’s fault when it happens, it’s just one of those things which you can’t really explain.

I used to be one of those people who, despite the obvious fact that a friendship isn’t working anymore, tend to hang onto those people. I wasn’t of low self-esteem or clingy or any of that. I just felt like nothing is irreparable and everybody needs a chance no matter what.

Sometime toward the end of last year, I was putting together a list of things I wanted to do or achieve before I turned 25. At some point, I realized that in order the the fulfillment of this list to mean something to me, I needed to move on and I had to cut some people loose from my life.

I went through my address book and discovered that connection had gone cold with over 60% of my contact list. I was moved when I realized I was going to cut out a great deal of people from my life. I knew my social life would suffer a blip if I went ahead with the cutout so I decided to give them all a chance.

For two weeks, I called & texted those friends just to try and re-establish contact and from their response, I knew who would stay and who would go. I develop a mantra for friendship while doing this; “I will only try to be friends with people who want to be friends with me”. It doesn’t matter how much I like you, If you don’t show you want me , I won’t want you.

During this Phase, I let go of past crushes, current crushes, exes, male friends and more. Some were painful, Some were not. The most painful one was Patience.
But it was necessary.

I deleted them from my address books, chat applications but left them on my Facebook just in case they want another chance.

It’s hard to let people go but it’s necessary in order to move on. Truth is I have less friends in my life now, which leaves me bored sometimes but I am happy and in a place where I want to be.

So this is to all those people that I don’t talk to anymore; It wasn’t anybody’s fault


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Fornever

  1. Interesting that you enacted that ‘ritual’ to remove the people from your life. I’ve never done all that as cleansing as it might be. I have found that if they are meant to be there they will be, but tons of folk just get lost by the wayside as one moves forward anyway and so be it.


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